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The loading speed of a website (page speed insight) has a huge effect on everything in the purpose of the website itself. Everyone will feel uncomfortable with a website that has very slow loading or is usually said to be slow. Just come along what else they will be reluctant to back, including when you do a traffic bot

Traffic Bot is a program that opens a website and automatically. Each session has a time that you can adjust according to your wishes. If you open a page for a visit per 30 seconds, but when opening a page that occurs then the website or advertisement in your blog will not record the traffic of the bot. Imagine if you send hundreds of traffic in a matter of minutes and experience problems when opening your blog page then you will experience a significant loss of time.

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Coindo provides several important notes that you must apply to increase the PSI (page speed insight) or blog loading speed by following ways:

1. Minimizing Media Files

Media in the form of video images or sound is very burdensome for your website or blog, but for the record, you must provide at least one medium to increase your SEO value in search engines. As a means of using the maximum and necessary media only.

Reduce the media size and resolution you will use. We recommend a maximum of 2 images or other media in one post. Try to use the JPEG format because it is lighter for images or use Mp4 for videos. Compress your media size and format before uploading it to a blog.

Besides, you can use the Content Delivery Network as the main tool to increase the speed of your website. You can buy or even search for free CDNs that are widely available on the Internet. Almost all major websites use CDNs to support their website performance.

2. Minimizing CSS Size

CSS is the display proof code on a visual website, CSS Large and small are very influential on the loading speed of a blog or site. In making this change, you can do it manually with some time.

Coindo recommends doing CCS compression online to save time and make it easier to do even for a beginner. You can do this by looking at the instructions and visiting the following website addresses:
3. Code Set Lazy Load (javascript)

Lazy load is a technique to improve website performance by adding JavaScript code that serves loading images on a website by rendering at a specified time. For example, websites with lazy load are Facebook, IG, and Twitter.

In implementing the lazy load script it is installed in the header of a website, (adding the code between <Head> XXXX </Head>. The steps for adding Lazy Load are as follows:

  • Open settings and enter your blog or website HTML mode
  • Copy the Lazy Script Code load below:

<script charset=’utf-8′ src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/>
<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/><script charset=’utf-8′ type=’text/javascript’>$(function() {
$(&quot;img&quot;).lazyload({placeholder :
: 200});

  • Don’t forget to save the HTML settings.
  • Done

3. Reduce the use of Widget

Some blogs do need a widget to provide access or support the appearance of the blog. However, the excessive weight will be burdensome and reduce your website’s page speed score. Also, avoid or even ever use a widget to only post an image or a video on your blog.

Return the widget in its function only as navigation which makes it easier for visitors or use it to post an advertisement script later. Coindo recommends using a maximum of three widgets in a blog or website. For many advertisements, there is a trick of its own. Can you put up several advertisements using just one widget We already did?

4. Remove Background with Image

Maybe you intend to beautify your blog by giving an image in the background? It’s better to undo that. Some templates give the default appearance of a background with an image so you have to remove it. Background with an image takes a long time to load completely on a website. This is a factor that automatically reduces your speed score.

5. Template selection

Bloggers who are pro will create their own templates or even create a website or blog without using templates. But for those of you who are looking for a template, choose a template that has a high-speed score. Avoid templates with lots of colors, widgets, and even images.

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Those are some ways to increase your blog’s speed score that you can do to support Traffic bot activities. In essence, the adjustments you make will compensate for the number of traffic speeds sent by the bot. This will make the bot traffic activity run efficiently and safely. visit this website. Hopefully what we share will be of benefit to you.

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