How to make free money from a website or blog with Traffic Bot

The online market is growing very rapidly and has a very wide reach and almost without restrictionsYou can reach all regions of the countryagegender deviceor habit. This provides an opportunity to make money easilyWith such circumstancesget money quickly and very easilynamely by using the traffic that enters the website or blog that we manage without having to use it too long with the help of the free traffic Bot Software.

Steps to make money from the internet with bot traffic :

illustration TrafficBot

#1 Create and build a website.

The website to use requires a rigorous companyTo avoid the risk of harming your Google Adsense or third-party ad network accountsyou must meet the requirements for your website or blog to be eligible for botsYou can easily pass a website or blog but not necessarily your website stages.

See how to customize a blog or website to receive large visits with this method in postsblog to make money from artificial traffic.

#2 Choose the type of ad and Ads network (Google Adsense Alternative)

A website or blog easily makes money if you have registered from an ad network. You can get paid for each ad viewed (Cost Per Million) or for actions taken (Cost Per Click). Even though this type of CPC ad has a high price, it rarely gets action so it makes this ad an unstable income.

We are talking in the context of a website that receives artificial traffic effective for a CPM ad. You can set how the methods and how to target income from a bot.

3Select Device.

The machine you are using is a device with the Windows operating system installed because what we are sharing is a type of software (bot) with the file extension “.exe”.

Can the android bot traffic? Even though not directly, you need a VPS (virtual private server) which you can run from Android with the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) application. now, we have not found an Android APP application.

(APKwhich can send high traffic to the website automatically. We have run all bot programs on different machines and operating systems and All systems can run smoothly without the need for complicated configurations but still require adjustments.

4Manage Bot Traffic Identity.

All artificial traffic is almost the same as organic searchwhich still carries an identity or footprintAll Google support or algorithms running in the ad network read traffic information such ascountry by looking at the IP addressThe device usedor even the age and gender of traffic that enters your website.
Important configurations that must be adjusted:


Even though a bot program runs on a computeryou can make it detected as an android by entering changing the user agent in the systemA user agent is a script that comes from the client (our computerthat is sent to the web serverthis script provides information about the browser vendorUsedthe type of operating systemthe type of deviceand so onThis script runs automatically in the form of a string of internet traffic which will give a certain responseFor exampleif you visit a website from Androidthe page display automatically adjust the screen size and shape Appearance (Responsive Website).

Example of a user agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.0.3; de-ch; HTC Sensation Build/IML74K) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:15.0) Gecko/20120909 SeaMonkey/2.12.1

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:7.0a1) Gecko/20110602 Firefox/7.0a1 SeaMonkey/2.2a1pre Lightning/1.1a1pre

In the application when running the Traffic bot you need more list of user agents. We have collected it and you can use it for free.

Make Money Online use Bot

Download Coindo user-agent for free

b. IP address

In addition to the user agent that needs to be considered is the IP address that shows the country of origin of a visit to a website or blog. This is important because it determines the type of content, language, and even determines which ads to display.

For example, a link shortener or the like only count clicks or traffic based on the IP address, repeated visits sometimes never be counted if they only come from one IP address. Visits from the same IP will be considered spam and you experience it. issues like account freezing due to violations of the community guidelines that are common on the internet.

The solution to this problem is to use an incognito that hides or changes the information that your computer sends to a web server. Maybe you usually use a VPN application, but this time you have to use a Proxy Server. By using the proxy server address you can determine the number of visits originating by selecting the IP address range of the proxy server used by the Traffic bot. The more proxies you use, the more visits you will receive.

You’ll get a list of proxy servers in various ways, either paid or free. The difference between the two ways is the quality of the network (Anonymous level and speed) because the price is not cheap. But the news is that the cost of this bot still runs by a free proxy.

How to get a free proxy server:

a. Paid Proxy service providers
Some companies provide a proxy list for free with only a few limitations. You cannot request a specific country, the proxy time is very limited, and also the connection (time out) is not very good. The proxies they provide will be refreshed at a certain time and you have to download it again to get a working proxy.

Example of a proxy service website:

  1. ProxySite
  2. Hide My Ass!
  3. KProxy
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Surfshark
  6. Hidester
  7. VPNBook
  8. Hide me
  9. Zend2
  10. NewIPNow
  11. BlewPass
b. Forums and blogs

To attract organic visitors many forums provide proxy addresses for free. Many proxies are good because they buy or share from the forum members themselves. Some forums contain hackers and crackers who can easily get millions of proxies with their capabilities.


Examples of forums that provide free proxies:


  1. EvilZone Hacking Forums
  2. Hack In The Box
  3. Hacking Tutorial
  4. Hack a Day
  5. black hat world
  6. white hat forum
  7. blackhat community
  8. blackhat tools
Examples of Blog that provide free proxies:

c. Scraper Proxy Software

Software that contains commands to collect a list of proxy addresses that run with the API (application programming interface). The advantage of this software is to collect and select proxy addresses from multiple sources simultaneously. Distinguish proxies by removing those that don’t work and keeping good proxies. All you have to do is do copy and paste into the Bot software.

ProxyList Checker
DMCProxy Graber
Kport Scan

5. Distribution of Bot visits

The expectation is driving visits using bots should be made as natural as possible such as organic searches or referrals to relevant topics. Most of the tutorial videos on YouTube show how to do a bot with several weaknesses.

First, those who do use 1 computer without implementing a rotating proxy. That way will load your ad network account threatened or risk being frozen.


sending large and sudden traffic without considering the history of the website. For the sake of security and traffic results that seem natural, send regular traffic. For example, send as much as 500 traffic on the first day an article is published then add 25% – 50 % the next day. Do it repeatedly and this can make your traffic look natural.


when all URLs are indexed by google you have to make the visits to all URLs evenly and randomly. You can easily use multiple bots by matching the site with the number of links you are going to visit. create multiple VPS and let them run nonstop.

Coindo has a PHP script that you use to randomize visits to your blog or website. This script creates a collection of URLs into one URL that will be the target of Traffic bots.

You even make hundreds to thousands of websites into one short URL without being limited by a single website. For example, if you have 3 websites with each website with 300 posts, you will be able to do manual input in the target bot. This script can help your problem. We have tried this script to send traffic via Software or online web bot traffic.

Download Coindo wrapping Url:

6. Selection of bot traffic types

In carrying out the artificial traffic you have two options. Do it yourself with a capital of perseverance, or do it in diamond by paying a certain amount of money. For those of you who visit this website, we suggest doing something to get money for free.

All bots that we provide in the form of software are purely free and we have tried and used them until now. Besides, you can also take advantage of promos from paid online bot registration, you will get 50-2000 visits per email from the registration you do.

Free Online traffic bots:


You can see the prices, features, weaknesses, or advantages of the above services by visiting the Free online bot article.

Traffic Bot Offline (Software)

Money is the determinant as well if you choose to use the software to make artificial visits. The advantage of the software is that you are free to determine the amount of traffic and is not limited by time. It is inversely proportional if you are buying online services.

All of the software we use is partly from purchases and cracked software. The shortcomings of the cracked results will be detected as a threat by your anti-virus, so use Vps and use a new account if necessary, for example, a Google account to open a Google Chrome drive or log in. We have uploaded the software and download it for free in the Coindo Download category.

Conclusion, With the heavier competition, using a bot to provide artificial traffic be very useful for any webmaster or blogger to make money online. In our principle, this is an action that is still profitable by exploiting the existing loopholes.
Changes made by large companies such as Bing and Google are limited to how to distinguish between real visits or bot traffic.

By following the steps above, you juggle all visits from bot the same as visits from humans in general.
This article is made for learning purposes, the risks that occur are not the responsibility of us, Coindo. Hopefully, it`ll give you benefits and we thank you very much.

Don’t forget to leave a sentence or two for your appreciation. Don’t be ashamed to contact us if you experience difficulties, we immediately answer your requests or questions.



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