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The domain is one of the important requirements for a blog or website standing, Domain becomes the identity carrier for the blog itself. As in the previous post, in doing a traffic boting this is a mandatory requirement. Because bots sometimes don’t run on subdomains. Here you will get free domains such as freenom, EU.or ,, and many others.

How to get a domain name, you can buy it at the lowest price to the most expensive according to the type of domain and where you buy it. But do you know, some services provide a 100% free domain on the condition that you only create an account or buy a hosting service. Below are some options, for example, a company giving away free domain:

#1 Freenom

Freenom is the first free domain provider for everyone around the world with a mission to promote the digital economy at large. You will get a domain for twelve months which you can extend when it runs out. Many are already using it with .tk, .gl, domains. cf, .ml, .gq.Freenom is very professional in domain management, besides Frenom has many extensions that can be used by members with their respective goals.

Get your free domain from Freenom here


Apart from freedom, you can also get the domain extension “.tk” from here. is an internet service company from the island of Tokelau, which was founded in 2001. The basic difference between and freenom is the speed of the servers, is still lacking or not. is below freenome in terms of server speed. However, this is a drawback of free domains and it is natural.

Get your free domain from Here

#3 EU.or is a free domain provider since 1996 which is intended for non-profit organizations. Unlike freedom, you will not be able to easily get this domain in the usual way. Indeed because it is intended for no-profit organizations and prevents misuse of the domain itself. They will prevent domains to be used as the domain of gambling, pornography, or even profit-generating sites such as online shops and so on.

Get your free domain from Here

#4 Exabytes

actually, Exabite is an internet service company that sells hosting and various webmasters support, but recently they also provide free credit and can be exchanged for domain buyers. Credit will be given after you register and make verification using an Indonesian Identity Card. One ID card number has one chance to get domain extension.

Get your free domain from Exabytes Here

#5 The free domain from hosting providers

The same thing with, you will get an offer of one free .com domain available (no one has used it before) when you buy hosting in a certain package. A domain is free, the pay is my hosting. Some hosting providers provide domains. free at the time of Hosting Service purchase are:

  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Godaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Ionos
  • Exabytes

We suggest you contact their service center to find out the terms and conditions of getting the free domain on offer.

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You can choose where and how to get your blog’s domain so that bot traffic can be done. Without a domain, you will not be able to send traffic from bot traffic. Until now there is no way to use bots on blogs with subdomains and we have never If you have ever tried it or know-how, you can tell us through the support contact provided. Thank you and hope this article is useful for you.


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