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A Diabolic Traffic bot is software that aims to send traffic to a website automatically by running a .ecs / .dmf script. It has various features that can be configured according to your goals. One of the features of this traffic bot is that it is equipped with a proxy so that it supports being applied to the ad networks on your website. This bot was popular in 2011 and is still functioning until this article was created.

Diabolic traffic bots can be used for various things, such as increasing sending traffic to your website, increasing YouTube broadcast hours, giving clicks on ads, even you can take advantage of available browser extensions to increase Alexa rank.

# 1 Drawback Diabolic Traffic bot

the diabolic bot is almost non-existent if you use it correctly and thoroughly, some cases also show account bans due to the use of this bot. Account freezing is caused by excessive use and is indicated as spam. Apart from the lack of use of Diabolic Bot Traffic, the risk of account freezing is due to the blog itself.

Google has a very advanced algorithm for tackling spam in internet traffic. The logic of age and content gives rise to the logic of whether it deserves such large traffic. Understand how to adapt a blog to receive the traffic generated before deciding to use a Bot.

How to make free money from a website or blog with Traffic Bot

Blog Customizations For Traffic Bots

# 2 Pros Diabolic Traffic bot

The diabolic traffic bot that we present is a paid version that has been cracked, so you don’t need to spend money to use it. Previously we have tried using this bot traffic and provided benefits on several websites and YouTube channels that Coindo manages

#3 Features Diabolic Traffic bot

Abilities of Diabolic that you can use:

    • Send traffic to bulk URLs
    • Supports Multi-Threading
    • Increase Alexa rank
    • Provides real statistics
    • Uses all types of proxies
    • Supports log
    • Using sock mode
    • Provided with Referrer Website
    • Change User-agent (mobile, OS, or Kind Browser)
    • Adjust visit times
    • Cleaning Cookies
    • Support of all countries

Browser extensions that you can use

    • Alexa Traffic Rank V4.0.4.crx
    • Auto Refresh Plus.crx
    • Canvas Finger Print.crx
    • Random-User-agent.crx
    • uBlock Origin.crx
    • WebRCT Control.crx

 Available built-in proxy

    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • America

#4 Weaknesses Diabolic Traffic bot

The software will not run if the proxy you are using is blocked or has a slow connection

Requires 4 GB of ram to run more than 4 threads

Have to pop up ads leading to cracker websites

Reads threats by antivirus

Limited Only works with the operating system

  1. Windows Vista
  2. Windows 7
  3. Windows 8
  4. Windows 10
  5. Windows Server

# 5 System requirements run Diabolic Traffic bot

  • .NET Frameworks 4.5
  • 84MB of free Hard Disk Space
  • 1 GB of Ram minimum

We provide Diabolic Traffic Bot with the ones we have used before, maybe other versions have been changed and contain viruses that are dangerous to you. Some computer viruses will make you experience data theft and even damage to your computer. For your security, follow step by step:

  1. Download the software using BOT using Internet Download Manager
  2. Extract the software using Winrar
  3. Download and install Sandboxie

    Run Diabolic Traffic bot using a sandbox if you are running with a laptop or personal computer to ensure security. This does not apply if you are using a VPS.

  4. Run the software and enjoy what you do.

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