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Blog or website requires special adjustments to be useful and compete in mining money on the internet including using Bot traffic. Everyone can create blogs easily but not necessarily be able to make money for creators. In the online industry, the biggest challenge is how our blogs can be recognized by many. internet users so that we will get the traffic that is the basis of our income.

Many ways can be done such as SEO, Backlinks, Social Media Share, which has been scattered in the form of tutorial articles, videos, documents, and so on that you can do according to your wishes. In this article, Coindo will focus on maximizing blogs that can be used in generating traffic activities. artificial using Bot.

#1 Create some unique posts

Coindo recommends more than 15 posts in a unique blog, where each post has a link to another post. The more posts you have, the better and safer. The more posts, the more links you have. Bots will be detected immediately if you only focus on 1 link or blog post.

Many posts will close Google Algorithm suspicion of incoming traffic from bots. From the research that has been conducted Traffic bots with 50 posts have not been blocked for up to 2 months as of today. If you are lazy then you can use Spinner or Automatic Post (WordPress and Blogger) but must be made unique. Use to find out how unique your post is.

Unique posts will also eliminate suspicion of bot traffic. Look for keywords and titles that are not yet in search engines so that traffic coming directly or via referrals is considered reasonable by your ad network.

#2 Change Subdomain to Primary domain (TLD)

Traffic Bot will run well if your blog uses the TLD domain (Main domain). According to our experience, the traffic sent by bots to blogs with subdomains such as,, or Wix cannot run. For that, change domains is a mandatory thing before boting on your blog. You can get a domain from several domain providers for free. For more details, you can see this article. How to get a free domain for Bot Traffic

#3 Maximize Page Speed ​​Insights

PSI (Page Speed ​​Insights) is a measure that shows how fast a web page opens. You can measure PageSpeed ​​Insights and HERE. Enter your website URL and see factors that hinder loading speed to make changes. Try to Score Page Speed Your insights are more than 90 in both mobile and desktop versions.

The page loading speed will significantly affect Bot Traffic activity. Running bots send tens to hundreds of traffic on a web, where all traffic must be able to open the entire page to be able to increase the CPM value in an ad.

If you only use one Bot with five threads, maybe not. But count your income again. We have tried to use ten Bots in Vps and each uses eight threads with a traffic count of up to one hundred and sixty thousand more. With a speed score above 90, all Traffic sent by bots helps everyone. This is different when our page access speed (Page Speed ​​Insight) is below 80. We lost about thirty percent of total bot traffic.

We’ve made some basic changes to the template and settings of your blog or website for coindo, you can see that in the article Increase Blog Speed ​​for Bot Traffic

#4 Create a Site Map

Creating a site will make it easier for you to update links on your blog and so you can easily collect or register as traffic destinations from running bots. Besides, this sitemap is also used as a condition of the Google search console later.

#5 Register on the console and analytics

Doing Bot traffic is safer if your link or website is registered in the GSC (Google Search Console). Logically, the ad network, either Google Adsense or third-party ads, will see that the traffic you send is bots, High traffic is believed to be from search engines. and/or from referrals. And how is it possible that a web or blog that is not indexed on a search engine has such high traffic?

#6 Basic blog additions

In a blog, you need to meet some basic requirements to be able to make money. This affects the ad network and builds your Bot a little later. The basic addition that is maxed out is a support page, for Example :

  • Disclaimer
  • Term and Conditions
  • Privacy & policy
  • About

The page that you must create on a blog. This will give your blog influence whether it gets or isn’t accepted in an ad network. Besides, with the addition of a secure page, you will get additional links as the capital when doing bots later. As we said, the more many links to a blog or site that are also safer in doing bot traffic.

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In conclusion, Some of the blog customizers needed to carry out traffic botting activities to your website or blog, provide security from being banned by ad networks and maximize your income. Everything we share is based on things we have done ourselves and we consider most important. You can make changes to SEO by looking at other articles or your tastes.

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