we are coindo. a container of 4 different thoughts united by a sense of sharing. We will be happy if we can help you. We focus on the material how you get money from the internet.

Everything we write is an experience that we have done ourselves. Sorry for our grammar which is far from perfect, because we rely on google traslate.

Introducing members and administrators of Coindo.

Old Brother

MadMiner D
Really likes the internet, spends too much time in front of the monitor screen. Has a hobby of rarely eating and a heavy smoker. An older brother of all the members for being the mediator in every problem.

D Lovely

Ayy D lestari
The best woman in the team with full of love. But very cruel when managing finances. Believing in a maximum result obtained from perseverance and sharing with others. Good and very prioritizing common interests rather than personal interests of team members


Kikan T
The most naughty kid who is smart, has a hobby of lack of sleep and is active in making coffee money. Most of the funds for Coindo are the result of looking for coins from the internet. Sometimes the methods used are rarely known by others. Get them all in the Coindo article.

Little Sister

Tya T
The youngest girl in the team. Give an example to other members that studying hard will give extraordinary results. Do it step by step and repeatedly so that a dull knife will become sharp as a sword. She learns by reading and writing. Almost all articles Coindo is her writing.

More help

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Kunci Rt : 22 Kec. Dander – Bojonegoro
Jawa Timut 62171

Email : [email protected]

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